Also known as atherosclerosis, refers to the thickening, hardening and loss of elasticity by artery walls. Principal factors may be age, heredity, sedentary lifestyle, no exercise, hypertension, increased blood lipids, obesity, diabetes, cigarette smoking, and being male. Symptoms include high blood pressure, weak pulse, leg cramps, breathlessness, increasing clumsiness, poor circulation.

Low in saturated fats, avoiding full-fat cow's milk and cheeses. Eat olive oil and plenty of fish, especially salmon and sardines, water-soluble fiber found in oats and pulses. Garlic, hot red, or chili pepper, and ginger have been shown to reduce the clotting of blood. Red wine in moderation.

Lecithin, garlic tablets, multidigestive and proteolytic enzymes, selenium, vitamins A, E, C, artichoke.

Hawthorn, dong quai, horsetail, ginger, alfalfa.