It is now widely accepted that the consumption of excess sugar and fats, refined cereals and processed fiberless foods are at the root of many ailments and of the "diseases of civilization". This is particularly true, if you add the fact that all these foods are mixed in ways unknown to our long line of ancestors. The matter is discussed in The Research Center and there is no need to repeat any of that here. Asking you to give up or severely limit foods that tend to be harmful to even persons with normal metabolisms, can hardly be construed as "deprivation" for persons with disturbed metabolisms.

One thing you must also remember is that the less we tamper with our foods the better. Try to avoid as a rule excessively processed foods, elaborate preparations, and overcooked meals. All these mix foods in ways not congenial to our genes. And it is this which is basically responsible for our weight problems, not overeating as you were taught to think. Above all, don't think that because you lost weight and stabilized your metabolism, you can go back and start eating without thinking. The idea of this entire site is to make you think about what you are eating. Thinking is not really an option. It is a stark necessity.

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