Invasions and resistance
Infections are invasions of the human body by a variety of external organisms that may be prions, viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, helminths and ectoparasites characterized by inflammation and related symptoms. The course of the infection depends on the activity and virulence of these micro-organisms and the response of the host. Infections may range from a simple abscess, to colds and the flu, gangrene, herpes, meningitis, and a host of other infections affecting the respiratory system, the gastrointestinal tract, the urinary tract, the skin, etc.

The principal system of the body involved in fighting infection is the immune system. A healthy, vigorous immune function is a prerequisite for resisting the onslaught of modern infectious diseases. Recurrent infections are characteristic of a weakened immune system incapable or protecting the body. The principal reason for a flabby immune function is poor nutrition-whether nutrient-depleted foods, wrong food choices, poor eating habits, or all of them together.

The use of antibiotics
Of course, it is customary to fight infection with antibiotics. These are particularly useful in acute infection, when life is at risk. The problem is that the organisms we fight with antibiotics become accustomed to them, and we use progressively more powerful compounds, with a long array of harmful side effects. This is not surprising. The very name, antibiotics, derives from the Greek, means "anti-life." And although the reference is to the life of the invader, antibiotics affect our own lives in a variety of negative ways.

That is why health professionals caution their patients against the thoughtless use of these powerful drugs, that can save your life in an emergency, but can also negatively influence your bodily functions if used without the appropriate foresight and discretion.

The alternative of nutrition
The right nutrition can also fight infection by strengthening the immune system and enabling our cells to get rid of its invaders, but without side effects or other problems. And this is a very importance difference. Antibiotics and other chemical drugs may fight infections, but they also depress the immune system. Correct nutrition does the same work against the invaders, by strengthening the immune system.

Our program
Our individualized program is aimed to provide natural alternatives to chemical drugs against infectious diseases.

In greater detail, our program offers,

  1. Comprehensive measures.Identification of the most appropriate natural measures for your specific condition, and set up of treatment goals.
  2. Diet. What foods are best for you and the present state of your health, how to eat them, what to cut down or eliminate for a while, so as to get the most out of your nutrition.
  3. Nutritional supplements. The vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, enzymes, fatty acids, etc, your recovery may require, the dosages and times to take them so as to avoid nutrient interactions.
  4. Botanical support. Which standardized herbal preparations may help your condition, their dosages, contraindications, etc.
  5. Lifestyle changes. Some recurrent infections may require small changes in lifestyle to speed up your recovery and prevent their re-occurrence.
  6. Topical treatment. For conditions that may be also treated externally, which natural treatments may be best for your condition, how to apply them, etc.
  7. Physical therapies. Other types of treatment that may be helpful, such as homeopathy and others.