The argument against eggs is that they are high in cholesterol, which is true. What is not at all clear is what happens to this cholesterol after the eggs are eaten. It is possible that the egg cholesterol is digested like all other fats, broken down to its constituents, and then reconstituted as cholesterol. But this is not at all certain with humans, although it may be with some animals lower in the food chain. What is certain is that the chief sources of cholesterol in our bodies are saturated fats, such as these we obtain from meat, fat, milk, butter, and generally animal products.

Boiled or poached eggs, but no more than three a week, just in case edible cholesterol is added to that formed inside our bodies.

Fried, scrambled or pickled eggs as a daily routine. Our dietary sins may be cumulative, and it is not bright to tempt providence on a daily basis.