Our earlier ancestral diets generally included limited quantities of meat. Even our hunter-gatherer ancestors did not eat meat everyday, although they might have eaten a lot of meat during single meals, as the evolutionary design of our kidneys seems to indicate. In addition, the meat our hunter ancestors ate had no more than 4 percent fat, instead of 4-10 times this figure for the meat we now eat. Blood type O may conceivably profit from a more frequent consumption of meat, but this is unlikely for all other blood types, who may usefully limit their intake of meat to 2-3 meals a week.

Skinless turkey and chicken, lamb and goat.

Beef and pork except on occasion only; all processed and preserved meats like hotdogs and others, which contain nitrites or nitrates to save you from botulism, but which turn into nitrosamines in the body that are well known carcinogens. Also generally avoid all sources of animal fat, such as corned beef, duck, goose, internal organs, spare ribs, and fat meat sauces and gravies.