Diet Analysis

What it is and does
Diet analysis consists of a food diary for two normal days and a questionnaire of food frequency. These are designed to find out whether, though healthy, you are meeting your basic nutritional requirements for your specific needs, dietary preferences and lifestyle. This will help us and you to understand if there are any persistent errors in your diet or other causes of nutrient imbalances, that could eventually contribute to various illnesses, allergies, chronic fatigue, weight problems and a host of other food related conditions.

The needs of special groups
Pregnant or lactating women, growing children and teenagers, persons convalescing from serious illness, vegetarians, the aged, professional athletes, etc, have special nutritional requirements. If you belong to any of these groups, this is a chance to find out if you meet your nutritional requirements with your current dietary regimen and eating habits.

Our program
Because we believe that each person is genetically unique, with individual traits and features that do not fit any other person except by coincidence, we insist that a person's diet is as uniquely personal as her/his genetic code. Therefore, a nutritionist will review and evaluate your diet and suggest positive changes that will protect you in the future, which are also simple, practical and realistic.

Briefly, our Diet Analysis consists of:

  1. Comprehensive measures. Interpret the results of the food diary and food questionnaire in the light of your lifestyle and work habits.
  2. Diet. Suggest dietary changes so that your diet may support your lifestyle, work habits and sport, based on your individual traits.

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