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This will normally include:

  • Comprehensive measures, that is, identification of the sources of the problem, and the set up of treatment goals.
  • Diet. What foods are best for you, how to eat them, what to cut down or eliminate at least for a while, to get the very best out of your nutrition.
  • Nutritional supplements. The vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, enzymes, soluble and insoluble fiber you may need, the dosages and times to take them so as to avoid nutrient interactions.
  • Botanical support. What standardized herbal preparations may be of help in your condition, their dosages, contraindications, etc.
  • Lifestyle changes. Usually small but significant changes in lifestyle, that may help you achieve your goals easier and faster, recover from an unhealthy condition, and reduce the risks of having the same problem again.
  • Topical treatment. For conditions that may be also externally treated, what natural preparations may be suitable, how to apply these, etc.
  • Exercise. What type of exercise may be good for your condition, and what may be actually harmful.
  • Physical therapies. Other forms of treatment that may be helpful for your particular health problem.

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