The Problem with Weight Loss

The main dietary problems of people with disturbed metabolic functions is the digestion of carbohydrates, and the digestion of all the elements of nutrition together as represented by the balanced meal.

Carbohydrates are essential for providing a large part of the energy we need, and the vitamins, minerals, trace elements, fiber, and the vast array of phytochemicals that keep us healthy. Problems with the digestion of carbohydrates signifies inadequate absorption of the previous micronutrients, and one or more nutrient imbalances. This is often the beginning of a variety of diseases, some of them serious.

In our days all the elements of nutrition are normally eaten together, because nutritionists have confused a balanced diet, which is essential, with an endless series of balanced meals. Theoretically that makes perfect sense. But practically it is a nutritional disaster. Our ancestors had a balanced diet, but not through a series of balanced meals, which were rare occurrences in their lives. The balanced meal is a 20th century invention. Previous to that for virtually millions of years, humans ate "balanced meals" (i.e. mixed meals) only on rare occasions. These were understood by the body as periods of plenty, which instructed the pancreas to increase insulin secretions, in order to ensure the storage of the extra energy as fat (an essential nutrient for Stone Age hunters), as insurance against the lean periods that were sure to follow.

Mixed, "balanced meals," are almost invariably accompanied by excessive insulin secretions. But excessive insulin is a form of insurance for future periods of need, not for our continuous abundance as represented by three balanced meals a day. Excessive insulin will eventually cause insulin resistance in our cells. And insulin resistance will invariably result in hyperinsulinemia, when excessive insulin in our blood becomes the norm, not the exception. Losing weight and keeping trim under such conditions, becomes an extremely difficult and complex problem, because we can burn fat only under conditions of low insulin secretions. It is the basic problem of people who are overweight or obese, while eating as little as half the energy they would normally require. This excessive insulin is equally a source of inflammation, with many negative effects on our organism. Moreover, these are problems that many health professionals refuse to acknowledge.