About Us

Is there a connection between food and health? Apparently no. "People are fed by the food industry which pays no attention to health, and are healed by the health industry which pays no attention to food," writes Wendell Berry sardonically, in "The joy of sales resistance" (Retreat 6:12-15).

Generally speaking, that may be still largely so. But we, together with some other health professionals and millions of people, believe and can decidedly prove that there is a crucial, direct, and dynamic connection between food and health. Persons who disregard this connection do so only at their peril.

NutritionalAdvisor.com began more than twenty years ago by Dr. Connie Phillipson, a nutritionist specializing in  the study of the changing human foods and eating habits, and how these have affected our health and disease patterns. Connie  possesses doctorates in both prehistoric acheology and nutrition, with specialization in the way our ancestors ate for millions of years. These processes which shaped our genetic, hormonal and metabolic functions she calls The Heritage Factor. With the Internet as a base of operations she has extended her special type of expertise far beyond her individual practice to reach a much wider section of the public.

As a result of more than 35  years of practice, she has created a uniquely rational approach to managing health and weight problems. The proposed protocol is entirely drug-free and based on sound nutrition principles and eating habits, which she calls The Heritage Diet.