Customized Programs offers you a large variety of non-computer generated services. To get started look at the categories of services and decide which one applies to you.

  1. Use the contact form below and inform us about your problem.
  2. We shall then send you an appropriate questionnaire which you can fill and return to us.
  3. Upon receipt of your filled questionnaire, we shall recommend a program that fits your condition, and also tell you the cost of our services.
  4. Once we receive payment we shall send you the full program.
  5. Upon completion of this stage, you will receive a nutrition program with detailed information designed explicitly for you, taking into account all your personal attributes, i.e., gender, age, blood group, medical history, health status, hereditary predisposition, environmental factors, eating habits, etc. This will be an  individualized program designed expressly for you.
  6. A 30 minute Skype consultation can also be arranged for an additional fee of €40.00.

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    The program will be followed up for the next three months by weekly e-mails, when the professional(s) involved will check your progress and help you stay motivated. In all cases, a health professional familiar with your case, will be available for inquiries.


    Briefly, our program offers,

    1. Comprehensive measures. Identification of the probable causes for your present health problem and the systems involved in the process.
    2. Diet. What foods are best for you, how to eat them, what to cut down or avoid at least for a while, so as to begin the process of regaining your health gradually and permanently.
    3. Nutritional supplements. Which vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, fatty acids, enzymes, soluble and insoluble fiber you need to maintain the strength of your immune system, which is threatened by nutrient deficiencies. The dosages and when to take these, so as to avoid nutrient interactions.
    4. Botanical support. Which standardized herbal preparations may help you achieve optimum health, without side effects or unnecessary risks.
    5. Lifestyle changes. Significant changes in lifestyle, since the way you live may be at the root of a variety of imbalances, and these in turn the causes of your health problem.
    6. Exercise. A lack of exercise may be central to your health problem, not because of the calories you use during exercising, but because all your systems function better with moderate exercise. Advise on what exercises to use, and what to avoid.
    7. Physical therapies. Other forms of treatment that in combination with the above may help you achieve good health, such as acupuncture, homeopathy, etc.

    How much does it cost?

    1. The fee to review and evaluate your General Questionnaire as well as prepare your Customized Nutrition Plan starting from €135.00 (exchange rate converter). This fee is non-refundable. 
    2. Please make sure that you have read our Disclaimer and agree with these terms and conditions, before requesting this service.