A gradual loss of bone mass (osteoporosis means porous-bone-disease), resulting in bowed legs and curved spine, frequent bone fractures, and pains in the back and hips. It is far more common among women than men, as its primary cause is estrogen deficiency during and after menopause. Other causes may be low stomach acid, low-calcium high phosphorus diet, high salt intake, lack of exercise, trace element deficiencies.

Increase consumption of green leafy vegetables and broccoli, fruits, soy products, sesame seeds, whole grains, yogurt, sardines with bone, wakame, agar agar, olive oil, bottled mineral water. Decrease red meat, soft drinks and sugars; avoid alcohol, coffee and tobacco. Stay active and exercise regularly.

Calcium, magnesium, boron, vitamin D, C, E, high potency multiple vitamin and mineral preparations. Acidophilus with selenium apparently helps retain calcium in bones.

Horsetail, red algae, feverfew.