Excess body fat, usually defined as over 20% above "normal." A better definition is through the body mass index (BMI over 30). Obesity may be the result of affluent malnutrition, boredom, emotional problems, habit, hyperinsulinemia, hypothyroidism, and obsession with food; but it may be also partly the cause of kidney troubles, heart disease, high blood pressure, psychological problems.

Increase intake of fresh vegetables and fruits, fish, turkey, low-fat dairy products, complex carbohydrates (legumes, wholewheat pasta, brown rice, oatmeal). Use in moderation olive oil and a few nuts twice weekly. Avoid animal fats found in butter, cream, ice cream, mayonnaise and fried foods. Also avoid, white flour products, processed foods and sweets.

Chromium, kelp, yeast tablets, 5-HTP, coenzyme Q10, psyllium.

Glucomannan, hydroxy citrate, gymnema sylvestre, fucus.