Aging and Age-related problems

Of burdens and budgets
Fifty million American women are over 50 years old. The number of men of the same age is just a little smaller. In other words, more than a third of the US population is over 50. Such previously unprecedented percentages have been made possible by better living conditions, healthier shelters, improved medical services, greater leisure, regular if not long vacations, better diet and a host of other things that have prolonged the average life span.

However, this has also burdened the federal budget with a colossal health bill, the main part of which is debited to the aged. That is because the chronic degenerative diseases which are killing us are mostly food related. They take a long time to develop and make themselves felt after 50. So growing old entails some responsibility towards not only ourselves and our family, but also towards the state and particularly the younger generations, which will have to carry a large part of the economic burden occasioned by our surging longevity. It is best for everybody if we age without serious health problems.

Nutrition against aging
What can nutrition do about aging? Lots of things. But first of all there is one thing you must grasp. This is that it is never too late. Too late to lower your cholesterol or your blood pressure, to improve your appetite or nutrient absorption, to strengthen your body and your immune system, to live and age gracefully and especially free of disease.

There is no blot or burden in aging. It happens to all of us-if we are lucky enough to survive to old age. But there are many burdens, grievances, anxieties, miseries, pain, stress, when aging is accompanied by deteriorating health. Longevity is great, when it prolongs youth or at least youthful behavior; it is not so great when it protracts failing health.

Our program
Our personalized program aims to restore your customary resilience and health through nutrition and natural supplements. As all our other programs, it is based on your specific bodily demands at the present state of your health, your natural attributes, your history of ailments, hereditary factors, and all these things that distinguish you as an individual.

Briefly our program offers,

  1. Comprehensive measures. Search and identification of the principal causes of aging applicable in your case. These are generally attributable to genetic factors, nutrition, living conditions, alcohol, smoking and drug abuses, and age and age-related diseases and deficiencies.
  2. Diet. The foods and eating habits best suited for you, what to cut down or eliminate at least for a while, so that you get the best out of nutrition for your condition.
  3. Nutritional supplements. Aging invariably implies reduced absorption. Therefore, you will be given advice as to which vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, fatty acids. enzymes, etc, are best for you, their dosages and when to take them so as to avoid nutrient interactions and reduced absorption.
  4. Botanical support. What standardized herbal preparations may be of direct or indirect assistance in your case, their dosages, contraindications, etc.
  5. Lifestyle changes. It is never too late for small but significant changes in lifestyle, which may help arrest the aging process.
  6. Exercise. Gentle exercise, particularly regular walking, can increase the efficiency of all your body systems.
  7. Physical therapies. Other forms of treatment that may be of help, including acupuncture, homeopathy, massage therapy, etc.