Skin Disorders

The largest body system
The skin is naturally a protective shield. With some animals like crocodiles and rhinos, their skin is truly a shield for all intents and purposes. But the skin is also a body system, and in fact the largest system we possess. It is a regulator of body temperature, a sensor of external stimuli and sensations, a cover for the body and its protection from external invaders including dirt, a buffer for some of the sun's most harmful rays, a structural support for sweat glands to get rid of some toxins and cool the body when needed, and a foundation for the growth of hair.

Conditions affecting the integrity of the skin, may have serious repercussions for both our physical and mental wellbeing. But the skin is continuously being renewed. Being the largest system we have it needs a lot of renewal, and much of the house dust in our homes consists of skin tissue that has outlived its usefulness.

Diseases of the skin
Like other body systems, the skin may suffer from a large variety of diseases. These range from pigmentation disorders like freckles and vitiligo, benign or malignant tumors, inflammatory dermatoses like hives, eczema and erythema, chronic dermatoses like psoriasis, lichen, and lupus erythematosus, disorders of the epidermis like acne, and a variety of infections and infestations like warts, fungi, scabies, etc. Many of these are food related and correct nutrition can arrest or eliminate the problem.

Skin nutrition
Nutrition is obviously important for the reproduction and multiplication of body cells, the normalization of skin membranes, collagen production, cellular oxygenation, healing, and repair. Many foods contain anti-microbial compounds that help strengthen the skin's resistance to micro-organisms. Other foods help increase our cells' oxygen intake, while still others provide a wealth of nutrients, many of them with strong antioxidant properties which help balance the dual character of oxygen: absolutely essential for cell combustion but dangerous when in the form of free radicals.

Our program
Our individualized nutrition program aims to encourage and facilitate the healing and repair of skin tissue, by promoting cell reproduction and multiplication, and helping to normalize skin membranes and skin oxygenation. This always in accordance with the present state of your health, history of ailments, hereditary factors, bodily demands and natural traits, that distinguish you as an individual.

In some detail, our program offers,

  1. Comprehensive measures. Identification of the best natural means to deal with your problem, and the set up of treatment goals.
  2. Diet. Which foods are best for your condition, how to eat them, what to cut down or eliminate at least for a while, to get the best out of your nutrition.
  3. Nutritional supplements. The vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, fatty acids, enzymes, etc, you may need, the dosages and times to take them, so as to avoid annoying and even harmful nutrient interactions.
  4. Botanical support. Which standardized herbal preparations may be of assistance for your condition, their dosages, contraindications, etc.
  5. Lifestyle changes. Small but significant changes in lifestyle, such as your eating or other habits, may be advisable in order to recover easier and faster, and to reduce the risks of recurrence of the problem.
  6. Topical treatment. For conditions that may be also treated externally, which natural treatment best fits your condition, how to apply it, etc.
  7. Physical therapies. Other forms of natural treatment that may be helpful for your condition, including acupuncture, homeopathy, and others.