What Supplements Work For Anxiety?

Julia Rucklidge, professor of psychology at the University of Canterbury and Bonnie Kaplan, professor of community health at the University of Calgary in Alberta, in a recent scientific review (ExpertRevNeurother, 2013;13:49-73), stated that overall, there is evidence to support the use of high-dose B vitamins for anxiety and stress.

The doctors conducted controlled studies on a multivitamin called EMPowerplus (Truehope) in people after the earthquake in Christchurch, Zew Zealand in 2010-2011. Just 4 weeks of EMPowerplus there was significantly improved mood, anxiety and energy in those taking the vitamins (HumPsychopharmacol 2012; 27:440-54).

Rucklidge is now studying the effects of a related formula Hardy's Daily Essential Nutrients and will publish the results shortly.

The stories of people's recoveries from anxiety disorders using supplements continues to grow and research is now showing that deficiencies of various vitamins and minerals are linked to disorders of the nervous system.

As Charles Popper, a Harvard professor of psychiatry says "this is the result of modern agricultural techniques, loss of nutrients from the soil, food processing, and the consumption of junk food - increasing demand for these nutrients, and it is all these factors that have contributed to the rise in mental illness."

Both supplements can be ordered online.