Glucosamine sulfate

Glucosamine is an amino sugar, that is, glucose where one oxygen atom has been replaced by a nitrogen atom, and it is commonly used in the sulfate form. It is a compound naturally produced by the body for making cartilage.

The principal use of the supplement is in osteoarthritis. Contrary to conventional treatments of arthritis, which usually reduce the symptoms but fail to slow down the progress of this debilitating disease, glucosamine not only slows down the disease but can actually reverse its course. It does that by helping to rebuild the missing cartilage.

When it is realized that many corticosteroids used as anti-inflammatory drugs actually speed up the progression of osteoarthritis and have serious side effects, the use of such a safe supplement as glucosamine with its spectacular results, may be appreciated.

Although a safe supplement as far as it is known, diabetics or persons concerned about the amount of sugar in their blood, should periodically check blood sugar levels if on glucosamine supplementation, or better still consult an informed and experienced health professional.