Our services consist of 2 main categories

Individualized Programs

Do-it Yourself Programs

Individualized Programs offers you a large variety of non-computer generated services. No matter what program or plan you choose to follow, the questionnaires you fill will be thoroughly examined by a competent and experienced nutritionist, and when necessary, by other appropriate health professionals. They may have further questions for you, which will be sent by e-mail. Please note that you may register for more than one program at the same time.

Upon completion of this stage, you will receive a nutrition program with detailed information designed explicitly for you, taking into account all your personal attributes, i.e., gender, age, blood group, medical history, health status, hereditary predisposition, environmental factors, eating habits, etc. This will not be a computer generated program designed for a certain class of persons, but a personal, individualized program designed expressly for you.

In some cases, the program will be followed up for the next three months by e-mail or other communication, when the professional(s) involved will check your progress and help you stay motivated. But in all cases, a health professional familiar with your case, will be available for inquiries.

Our services are divided into four basic categories


Weight Loss

Our basic contribution at has been an effective weight loss approach through genetic, hormonal and metabolic balance of the organism without restrictive or fad diets.

Nutritional Evaluation
for people wishing to know whether they are meeting their basic nutritional needs, which essential nutrients may be in short supply, and where they stand in the modern predicament of affluent malnutrition and eating against the instructions of our genes.

Wellbeing and Performance
for people demanding specific effects from their nutrition to enhance their wellbeing or performance. This group of services may interest among others, teenagers, the aged, people recovering from injuries or surgery, professional or other athletes, and people under stress.

Health Problems
are addressed to people suffering from specific ailments, and who wish to improve and manage their health through correct nutrition, nutritional supplements, lifestyle changes, etc.


Do-it Yourself Programs